Friday, September 25, 2015

New Vaccine Technology: The Flu Patch

The hypodermic needle has been around for about 160 years.  Several scientists and other health professionals say the days of the hypodermic needle may be coming to an end, and that receiving immunizations through a large syringe may be a thing of the past. Biomedical companies have developed a variety of new needle-free vaccine with hopes of replacing it. So far, they have hopes that it will be the new way to fight the flu, and maybe even other diseases as well, such as polio. The CDC has called the new technology a "game changer." The new technology is a microneedle vaccine patch that will be able to immunize individuals across the globe.  Medical Experts are stating that microneedle vaccine patches are the way of the future.  Vaccine patches are more efficient, cost effective, less painful and safer than traditional vaccine shots.  The other huge benefit to vaccine patches is that they can be shipped and stored at room temperature.  By making the flu vaccine patches thermostable it will greatly advance the current model where vaccines have to be consistently stored in a refrigerator at 35° to 46°F to remain effective. 

If approved, the new technology could allow for the mailing of certain immunizations, and could possible be administered by just about anyone. Scientists are also looking into the prospect of sending them out with teams of minimally-trained medical technicians as well. Either method would have a positive impact on developing countries around the world, and all individuals currently living in remote locations.

The Infographic below is also a great reference to utilize to find which flu vaccine is right for you.