Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tips for Buying Fragrances Online

The internet has made shopping easy for the masses. You can find any item you want, have it shipped right to your doorstep and at half the cost. This also applies to your fragrances. The internet is a great spot to get your fragrances if you choose the right website.

How can Online Stores sell fragrances so cheap?

- Online perfume stores buy products in volume so they get a better price per unit. They pass the savings right along to you, the customer.

- Fragrances are available at a cheap price because online stores do not have to have a retail space or storefront. Warehouses do not carry the price tag that a brick and mortar store would. The online store can then discount prices because they do not have to mark up retail price as high to cover their expenses to make a profit.

- New fragrances are developed almost daily. Perfume stores and department stores have limited space, while online stores enjoy the benefit of plenty of storage or the ability to have it shipped directly from warehouse to you.

Things to consider in an Online Fragrance Store

- Customer Testimonials: Look to see if site has testimonials from past customers.

- Secure and Confidential: There are a lot of sites on the internet intended to rip off the consumer. However, there is a lot of bargains to be had on the internet also. Look for a site that uses PayPal or some other service that is widely recognized for payment so you know your personal information will be secure.

- On-time delivery

- Customer support: Look for a site with a legitimate toll free number dedicated to customer service.

- Stay away from e-bay and other online auction sites. A lot of times these perfumes or colognes are knock-offs or inauthentic. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is. Stick to a site that concentrates mainly on fragrances to ensure quality.

Tips to get your fragrance cheap!

- Look for a perfume store online that has the lowest price guarantee or price match.

- Buy bigger bottles - When buying fragrances, size does matter. The bigger the bottle, the bigger the savings. Generally, every designer or company makes a 3.4 Oz or 4.2 Oz bottle which is the most cost effective. Store your perfume or cologne in a cool place - such as the closet or a dresser drawer. Your fragrance can last you a long time if it is stored correctly.

- Buy testers - testers are fragrances packaged for trials, in other words, cheaper perfumes but the same quality. They are the authentic fragrance, the only difference is that it does not come with all of the fancy packaging that the retail products have. You can save a lot of money while showing a little kindness to the environment by purchasing your favorite fragrance as a tester.

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